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Finally decided to get an Ecomodder profile

Hi everybody,

I'm new to Ecomodder and have only been hypermiling since this past August when I obtained my Scanguage. I learned so much about hypermiling from this forum, Metrompg and various other websites. I used to get around 23 mpg on my drive to school until I started hypermiling. I will save enough gas this year to drive to school for almost another semester if I wanted to, but I intend to transfer before then.
Anyways, I have been morphing my daily hypermiling into a school project that will help me look good on my transcript and better yet satisfy my curiosity. I have done a lot of testing for the project on my car, and I can't wait to do some more. In the near future I will post my results for many tests to add to the wealth of information on this forum, so look around.
To end on a cliffhanger, I recently put a grill block on my car and will soon post pictures in another thread.

Bye for now

Edit: Here is my test of Speed vs. Fuel Economy, and here is my new upper grill block.

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