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Tonight I drove an hour in the rain on a secondary road, speeds 45-55 mph to get to a hovercraft owner's meeting (1/2 hr there, 1/2 hr back). Just a seat of the pants feeling tells me I'm getting a little down-force in lieu of a lot of lift.

I'll be doing some distance driving for Thanksgiving and will start calculating fuel consumption.

Here are some photos of the holes I plugged up.

S10 4x4 Pick Up pictures by kach22i - Photobucket

Originally Posted by Sven7 View Post
Perhaps it's better to approach this as a partial Kammback, not a spoiler?
I think that would work on a S-10 Blazer very well, but could look a little weird on my truck. I'll be thinking about it, thanks for the idea.

Originally Posted by aerohead View Post
These values were published in Texas Tech's SAE Paper# 881874:'Pickup Truck Drag Reduction-Devices That Reduce Drag Without Limiting Truck Utility'................
Does that data mention lift? The thesis I found talked about a lot of lift created which is typical of drag reducing devices.

Do you have anything on roof wings verses these flush plane spoilers?

I think my current state is acting as a wing, but I require more seat time to be sure.
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