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Talking Subaru Baja- beating 30 mpg goal

My only modifications so far:

-Pizza pan wheel covers
-removing luggage rack
-side mirrors removed
-regular tune-up with 5w-30 and iridium plugs
-scangauge "Green"
-45 psi in the tars
-spare tire removal

My highway average has gone from 24.5 to 31.1.
But, that was only on a brief test trip today with bad crosswinds. Not really much of an "average".

I love the wheel covers! I see 52 mpg (instantaneous) usually now, when drafting on flat roads at around 60-65 mph. Unless the ScanGauge is lying. Feels like I can coast much further.

This weekend:
-full grill block
-antenna relocation
-tailgate removal (weight reduction...not aero...)
-rear wheel skirts

Next week:
-super-secret-squirrel fake catalytic converter (worth a try...the car has 3)
-less restrictive muffler
-air dam/ front spats

-better, smoother undertray
-Plans in the making for an "aerocap" bed cover. Aluminum with plexi windows (fiberglass takes so dang long...)

Not bad for a day's work on an AWD Subaru!
And, as I said...its not my established average, yet. Just a little run down the highway and back. Engine was only partially warmed up, and bad traffic. No P&G -- just cruise control.

With 93,000 miles on it, is there any way to test the O2 sensors before just replacing them? No codes are showing. Just wondering.

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