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Thanks, but I only read up to the "high impedance volt meter".
I'll just stick it in the plasma cleaner in the lab. Or dunk it in an acid bath.

New MPG average: 32.0 mpg (~40 mile highway trip, hilly, 65 to 70 mph, moderate traffic)
Stated Highway EPA: 23 mpg
39.1% ABOVE EPA!!!

Does the ScanGuage average just the current trip, or overall since it's been used?
If it's an overall average - my actual current average is higher. I installed the ScanGuage before I started modifications, so I could watch it improve.

Partial front grill block (duct tape) yeilded longer coasts and a 0.9 MPG gain.
Fabbing something from aluminum sheet tomorrow, shooting for 80% coverage instead of 50%. Covering the HUGE fog light buckets with lexan.

Can't wait to start on a front dam! Planning to use 8" garden edging. Might stick with the aluminum sheeting and bracketry, but it would scrape on parking-lot blocks.

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