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Originally Posted by toc View Post
6 years old? 2 years is what I was told by an auto electrician as 'good' - I do know much more is possible, having only this year replaced an 8 year old battery, and knowing the last battery in the Sonata was 4 years old+!
My best battery was a pair of fleet farm 1100anp specials in the old 82 diesel suburban, it took 10 years before they started getting too weak for the rig. Odd part was the $38 fleet farm special desert dog tires on that truck started to fail at roughly the same time (tread fell off)
I still have one battery oddly in my subaru, its 20 years old now but puts out the 30amps needed to crank the subaru but not much else.

My father still has the one desert dog tire on his old wood trailer, it too is 20 years old, still seems fine on his rarely used trailer.

I think luck combined with the way the batteries are charged/ discharged explains all this.
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