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Originally Posted by Aveomiler View Post
One more thing. I attempted to test this modification but I couldn't find any significant difference. I'm not expecting there to be much difference but I was hoping for it to be measurable. I tested A-B-A style @55 mph measuring fuel economy with two A runs down and back (original grill), three B runs down and back (new grill), and finally two A runs down and back again. I'm thinking the wind was too variable that day to get reliable test results (Average wind speed - 8.63 mph, maximum sustained wind speed - 15.00 mph). If I did coast-down testing would I get more reliable and hopefully measurable data? Please give your thoughts.
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My Aveo is an '09 with a larger grille than yours. I permanently sealed the lower grille and have a removable plate for the upper grille. Neither have any measurable effect on aerodynamics; however, the car will warm up a bit faster in winter with both grilles blocked. At temps above freezing you will need to remove the upper grille block or the car will run too hot, cycling the fan on more often.
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