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Take it for what it is worth, no arguments necessary. Best over EPA in many cases is a function of how badly the vehicle was originally designed for mileage. The Honda's that rev high in top gear are good examples. Compared to my old VX which would require 84 MPG to get to 100% over new EPA highway, and 112 MPG to get 100% over old EPA, a 1990 Civic hatch only has to get about 62 MPG to reach 100 % over EPA. I have done 90 in a 1990 Hatch but only at low average speeds on a route that had very few stops or traffic to affect my hypermiling, on perfectly flat ground.

The top performers will almost universally average in the low to mid 20s for speed. Again this is not meant to be argumentative. I average close to twice that speed overall and I will never get top mileage over EPA.

My hat is off to those who are so dedicated to absolute mileage, but I refuse to take an hour to go 20 miles, day after day, or 50 mph in traffic that is moving at 10-15 miles greater speed. I have averaged 68 MPG while averaging 64 MPH speed, and 70 MPG while averaging 55 MPH speed. Most of it was due to the car which was designed specifically for high mileage, and in either case it would not have been that huge percentage over EPA.

These days I just ride a bike when I am travelling alone locally. Loads of fun and great mileage.


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