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I have the 2.0 L CR TDI in my Multivan and already had an issue with EGR (valve defective, had to be replaced with an attached EGR cooler. Was done under warranty, otherwise it would have been around 1k€ oO), so I went and looked if a delete was possible after warranty is up.

But: no way. This was possible in T4 Vans of your vintage, but the T5 (and especially the T5.2) are so wired that deleting the EGR leaves the engine in a non-operable condition. Or you would have to make up a complete ECU.

Furthermore, deleting the EGR seems to bring 2 benefits but also two big no-nos:

- less hassle & repairs
- more power when engine is warm


- higher NOx emissions
- higher fuel consumption

For me, the decision goes in the direction 'keep EGR' (as if I had a choice...). I only wish my new valve will hold up for more kilometers than the previous one (35.000 km). They said they installed the all new & improved type of valve. Lets see.

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