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Just looking for some quick info on Scangauge vs. MPGuino

Ok, so I need some instrumentation for my car. It's OBDII and fuel injected. I have knowledge of electronics and programming both, so building an MPGuino and making it at least turn on shouldn't be a problem.

My first question is, on a scale from say, 1 - 10 what is the difficulty rating you would give an install of the MPGuino. Assuming that the ScangaugeII is a 1 since it's basically plug and play. How hard is it to find the diagram for the wires under the hood that I'll need to hook up (or under the dash to splice the OBDII connector wires) because that's my only fear is that I'll get this thing all built and programmed but then will have no clue how to hook it up once I have that all done.

I'm assuming this thing is pretty stable, but just in general, can someone give me a quick rundown of what all the Scangauge has that the MPGuino doesn't (aside from things like engine temp and stuff like that, just the stuff that one can do that the other can't and vice versa when it comes to FE stuff).

Depending on what all ends up happening this summer I may give this a go before I go for the scangauge just to try it out if nothing else.


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