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Is there a velocity and a steady direction variable missing?

There is a "Follow the directions of the creator" variable missing. According to Dr. C, Re should be set between 100 - 1000. Since 2.5 million falls just outside that range, it's not surprising that a funky result was obtained.

Point is moot anyway, flow illustrator is broke for now. There may be a stand alone version of it created so we can just have it on our own computers and make movies to our hearts content.

Something else to bear in mind, Dr. Chernyshenko has said repeatedly that this is pretty much a toy, you need to know what your results should look like, then you tweek the Flow Illustrator parameters till it looks right. People I have seen usually get this backwards and start making the tail wag the dog by putting up illustrations of their creations and saying "See it works!". All they have really done is create a pretty picture with no real science behind it. I know I was guilty of this before I understood it better.
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