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Thank you for your help. The rear hatch area photo was moved from photobucket to here using Mozilla/firefox. The previous 3 pics when I used funky Explorer.

Apparently, a previous owner, was a CB fan. He has a mike mounted on the dash you see, and the mount for the external anntenna is seen on the driver's side quarterpanel. The anntenna itself is about 10 feet long, and simply hand screws into that receptical.

The day I bought, and drove the car home, it cracked me up; it's so long, it was trying to tangle tree branches while I was just trying to park it! I instantly removed it. Still have if interested. I just thought it looked ungainly on this size of a car, and hurt aero!

The dashpad, as you can see, is perfect. Only the driver's seat needs some attention; the other's are nice.

Note the underdash setup for the rear shocks. It has a receiver hitch on back, and also has a below dash electric brake setup.

The speedo works sporatically, odo shows 103,000 or 130,000, somewhere in there. ( older car w 5 digit setup, so I imagine one turnover. The car's condition certainly would identify w that mileage.

Also note after market tach keying in on the low rpms that this setup lives at.
If I remember correctly, I think it shows about 3,500 hrs. of usage.

It has a remote electric fan way up in the nose, instead of attached to the engine.

In the grille area, are snaps mounted (like a raincoat) to receive some kind of a grille block. ( in my mind, I could see maybe a plexi or lexan like sheet setup, sort of like the old style motorcycle face sheilds!)

Also, there are tiny holes drilled to suggest that someone had clear headlight covers on here to help the aero!
Note: During my 11 yrs. in western North Carolina; one day I saw a similar Monza with a highly customized front end that was very aero. These cars are still widely used in drag racing, and historic IMSA roadracing. Many fiberglass body parts are available which would make a custom front end much easier.

The glass is all good; the rear shot shows the filthy window because early on, I had a not perfect clean tarp on it. The sunroof leaked a little, I sealed it shut w RV type black peanut butter. It's supposed to stay somewhat flexible, so it could be taken off later. I was very careful not to get any on the paint.

It rains here alot, just wanted to protect the interior. As you can see, the headliner droops slightly by the sunroof. I show, and tell all. You people are my friend's.

That's probably enough text for now without questions to answer. I showed the rr wheelwell dent, and the driver's door paint scrape.
Larry out!
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