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Originally Posted by DifferentPointofView View Post
Well it's supposed to work with any car, even from the 50's and such, so the 97 escort would be covered. And I'm pretty sure it does the Average/trip mpg and current mpg, plus maybe a little more. As far as the power source, I don't know, but you could probably run it off of your cars power. It depends on whether or not it was designed for 9v or not, cause your car runs around an average of 13.7-14's-ish. So that's quite a bit more power to the gauge.

As for the rest, I'm not sure, someone else will have to chime in. The gauge from what I hear costs around 40 bucks or less to build.
Wait, how exactly does this work with really old cars, circa the 70's? If it actually well then I really need to start reading up on this project.
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