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I think that your perception of the UK as being a relatively “free” society when it comes to vehicle regulations, is correct. I have spent some time living in France and from my discussions with French friends, you have a government system which is more hostile to individuality. But we do have regulation here, just not so intrusive as other European states.
I will explain (simply and I hope accurately) our system, for regulation of vehicle construction.

When it comes to registering a “radically altered” it is judged on a points system. Points are awarded for original components and the importance of those components. This (below) cut from govt website.
Scoring components
The following values will be allocated to the major components used:
chassis or body shell (body and chassis as one unit - monocoque ie direct replacement from the manufacturer) (original or new) = 5 points
suspension = 2 points
axles = 2 points
transmission = 2 points
steering assembly = 2 points
engine = 1 point
Where there is evidence that two vehicles have been welded together to form one (ie 'cut and shut') a 'Q' mark will be allocated, IVA, ESVA, SVA or MSVA will be required.

In my case four vehicles have been welded together! As you can see, this list is not very applicable to a motorcycle, because it is designed around cars, which are the most popular modified vehicles. Project 100 C90 will get 3 points on this system and I need 8 or more to retain the original registration.
It will therefore require an MSVA (Motorcycle Single Vehicle Approval) test, which is a more rigourous test of construction quality and compliance than the ordinary annual MOT test. It is also carried out at a ministry test station, rather than a local garage. I’m confident that the machine will pass this test, but its all the bureaucratic nonsense that I’d rather sidestep! I just want to stick a number plate on it and go for a ride!

BUT, Loopholes! I am not trying to “re-register” my vehicle. It has registration and will continue to have registration so long as it passes its annual MOT test and I do not sell it. All I need is a “friendly” MOT tester, who will check that it conforms with “construction and use” regulations and I,m OK.*
(* please note: the legal definition of OK, might actually mean fines and points on my license but I won’t go to prison. Mind you, we do have a habit of sending people to prison for less stupid things than this, so I’ll keep my fingers crossed)

Anyway that’s the summary, as I see it. Hope it helps
By the way, got the new frame on its wheels tonight – Milestone!!
Pictures tomorrow
Project 100 link
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