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Update 010
So, its on the ground! This is the first time its come out of the workshop since it went in as a pile of pieces. The suspension ride heights need some attention, but its not at full weight yet and its close enough for now.
I’m particularly pleased that the rear suspension works well, as I designed the layout and fabricated all the links and pivots myself. I think it may be a “first” for a fully horizontal system, although I think Buell did something similar – even so its my idea and it works, so far!

The driving position is based on normal “sports car” dimensions, and although it has come out about 50mm higher than I would have liked, its remarkably like my BMW. The completed roof height should be below shoulder level (I’m 5’10”) and there’s room to lower the chassis further. The fabrication stand (under seat) is 150mm which was my original design height, but comparison with a friend’s 350Z shows that I could easily go down to 100mm without clearance issues.

The steering (image below) uses a “remote” steering head (actually a modified BMX bicycle frame) and push rod system. The link rod is tubular steel and uses rod-end bearings and links to a plate with alternative mounting holes, so I can adjust the mechanical advantage to change steering “feel”.

I’ve chosen a different handlebar design to mimic the ergonomics of a steering wheel, allowing the driver to rest his arm weight. Its very comfortable. The controls will be –
single brake (linked system): left foot operated,
throttle: right foot operated
gear selection: hand operated (either)
clutch: none (see Honda C90 std controls)

While taking photos I also took this one to demonstrate the lean angle.

Its not fully over (you can see the 150mm fab stand supporting it) but it leans a long way before touching the ground. This will be great fun to be inside sweeping through bends at speed. It’ll go far better than the std C90.

Anyway, there it is before I’ve taken a single part off the C90 – tell me what you think!
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