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Newbie w/ 1998 Honda Civic ex(long introduction)

Hello everyone,

I'm very excited to go into the ecomodding and the hypermiling driving style!

I've been into Hondas since I was 16(26 now) and have owned a variety of modded cars from a 91 CRX w/B20 vtec, 98 Integra GSR with JDM R cams, trans, etc and a host of others.

Recently I sold my cars and decided it was a time in life to live a little more efficiently. So I bought my 98 Civic ex, put in a new OEM clutch, T-belt, water pump, and valve adj.

Also, I use my YSR50 with a Derbi GPR50 swap for DDing alot (approx 35-40mpg) If interested here is my build log . Its still a work in progress..

Typically the Civic on the highway I was getting about 30-35mpg driving at varying speeds between 75-90 consistently.

Recently I made a grill block and full Radiator block out of Cardboard and duct tape (just for kicks), pumped the tires to 55psi (fairly new Goodyear assurance comfort treads). Drafting a semi for approx 40 miles @ 55-65mph of a 112 mile highway journey, the mighty Civic burned 2.134 gallons of gas giving an effective 52.48 mpg.

I just got a scan gauge II last sunday and have been recording an approx city mileage of 32-34mpg. I still havent gotten to burning the 1/4 tank yet, so there is no correction factor involved in those numbers yet.

Eitherway, I am glad to still be involved in cars, just in a different aspect. I hope to use my knowledge of Hondas to build a high mileage monster over the next however long.

Thanks for having me

P.S. my spelling is horrid I know

1998 Honda Civic: Scangauge II, grill and rad block in progress.
1989 Yamaha YSR 50: Derbi GPR 50 swap, metrakit pipe, 24mm carb, various mods.

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