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Thanks guys, do I deduce approval with reservations?
I think your observations are all valid, but I should explain things a little further. I failed to communicate all the features of the design, in my rush to show off the photos.

Firstly, the seat belt issue. The finished item will feature a full harness (only four point though), the steel plate behind the seatback is not only a bulkhead between the driver and luggage compartments, but the mounting point for the shoulder belts and the roll hoop.
The “weak point” in the frame. The frame lacks all the triangulation that it will have before I use it, and its strength is already comparable with an average scooter. But in addition it will feature “side impact bars” which will link the front frame section to the rear. This will complete the enclosing “cell” and carry loads around the occupant. I’ll post an image mid-week to explain further.

The remote steering head section looks a bit more dangerous than it really is. I’m sure you guys have all seen a normal steering column assembly with no crash pad around it – now they really do look like spears. This looks bad because it has none of the traditional enclosures at this stage. The handlebars will have an absorbent pad similar to a car’s steering wheel, and it could even feature an airbag.

I crashed my first prototype at 30 mph straight into an earth bank. That had a harness and it restrained me perfectly, walked away without a scratch, and that was not half as strong as this version is now. Trust me on this – this will be the safest motorcycle in the world!

Thanks again.
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