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If it gets a reading below about 2.0v (which would correspond to like -200amp or something, it causes a fault and forces the power to be turned off. Otherwise, if it reads a negative current, it just treats it as if the current was zero. 2.5v is the zero current point. When the controller first turns on, it waits about 0.1 or 0.2 seconds, and then makes 16 reads of the current sensor. Then it takes the average of those reads and calls it Vref. Usually Vref is around 2.47 volts up to like 2.53 volts. From that point on, Vref is used as the zero baseline for the current read from the microcontroller. Any reading below Vref is assumed to be zero amps.

So, you lifted the foot off the throttle and didn't cycle power, and it was back to normal all day? What happened with the LEM on the charger?

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