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Pulse and Glide. restart options.

ok. So Im new to the whole Hypermiling thing, Picked me up a 93 metro XFi. Been Relearning how to drive. Im amazed how far I can get this thing to coast. even from 25-30 mph.

Really want to try out REAL pulse and gliding.

How do YOU restart? Key? Remote starter? Pop the clutch?

Popping the clutch would seem to be the best option for Ultimate MPG (Dont loose battery power restarting)/. but I'm concerned about damaging my clutch.

Ok. the car has 200k miles on it and replacing the clutch is probably not that far off to begin with, HOWEVER... its only like a 6" clutch. I cant imaging they would take much abuse to begin with. But then, maybe I'm being over cautious.

Thanks in advance for any and all advice!

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