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More information, and the last image (unrelated?) should get Frank Lee's attention.

The Highwayman (TV Series 1987)
IMDb - The Highwayman (TV Series 1987)
Series starring a big high-tech 18-wheeler. The driver, the title's 'Highwayman' was one of a team of federal marshals empowered to right wrongs "where ordinary laws do not reach" - and to haul special cargo. The truck was heavily armed, and had a cab that turned into a helicopter for quick escapes. Written by Mike McCluskey <>
Original channel NBC
Original run September 20, 1987 – May 6, 1988
I did not own a TV then, was full time working for an architect, and full time night school. I'll see if I can find a DVD of the movie they made.

A little Truck ID game or Trivia if you Will

Architect, Artist and Designer of Objects

1977 Porsche 911s Targa
1998 Chevy S-10 Pick-Up truck
1989 Scat II HP Hovercraft

Chin Spoiler:

Rear Spoiler Pick Up Truck

Roof Wing
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