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Future Truck

Originally Posted by Shepherd777 View Post
The top one on the magazine covers is the first one I built in 1983.

The next one below is the one I have been currently building since 2009. It should be ready for initial testing next month.

The SuperTruck is the current prototype being built. The FutureTruck is a possible next-generation version if we get (a lot) of funding. All the air gaps between the tractor and the trailer and the complete perimeter ground effects are dynamic and are shown in their deployed state.

The SuperTruck will have a different boat-tail design than shown here. That one in the CFD screen-shot is 3 years old. Also, the SuperTruck prototype has full skirts on the tractor, unlike the old SolidWorks model shown above.
Future Truck would still benefit from a Kamm-Backed rear end, vs. the Bubble Butt it has now. I see that you say the tail is an old design, so perhaps you already have something better in place.
Very Cool! Lots of people have ideas, and will ramble about them, not many people follow through and do anything with those ideas.
To the OP, I have seen two, both with side skirts, and both between Atlanta and Jacksonville. My friends and I are kind of into aerodynamic trailers .

Shepheard, I don't suppose you have a "modification by modification" breakdown with improvement values for each, would you? Also, do you happen to have a copy (digital preferred, pictures fine, for sharing's sake) of those articles would you? Thanks!

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