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blue collar Geo Metro Areo mods

so. gonna start a build thread. Prolly take me a while to come to fruition but. gotta start someplace.

so. Bought a 93 metro XFi, promptly dubbed it "Actual Size"

please note in this photo the hood is fully closed and latched. I got a bit of work ahead of me.

Drivers side mirror was broken off so a "Mirror Delete" was only natural. .

The outside is currently sealed with blasters tape, when I get supplies ill fiberglass it to give it a finished look

While spelunking in the local boneyard looking for a new hood I found some hubcaps. Im sure these help but they are gonna soon be used a the base for a full smooth wheelcover project.

Engine compartment was literally black with grease. a can of foamy engine brite and some elbow grease and you can start to see the engine.

a trip to the local carwash/pressure washer and Viola! An engine!

My third cardboard template actually fit rather well. So, this being the crap weather season, I sprayed it with a can of rustolium I had floating about. put it on with shelving support for a brace.

Boneyard hood and drivers side parking light cover and shes starting to look like a real car.

Part of my "to do list" is a front air dam and partial underbody tray. Problem was the turn signals are in the bumper.

So. Time for some ghetto garage work, relocating the turnsignals to the parking light housings. Picked up some three wire light bulb sockets and bulbs from the local auto parts hause. I removed the parking light housings and "Modified" them to accept the larger bulbs. (originally planned to cut a smaller hole and smooth it bigger. Didn't work that way) I cut the hole lower and more to the middle to compensate for the larger bulb.

the existing harness had quick release connections between the bulbs and the harness so I cut between the connects and the bulbs and wired them together with the three wire socket. Everything plugs straight in and BAYAM. Combonation turnsignal/parking lights/

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