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Originally Posted by SvdM View Post
Nice project. I have something similar planned for early 2012.
Great, I'm convinced there is great potential for increased safety with this approach, still working on that "saving gas" part myself.

When I hit potholes the wing does rock and tap on the roof a little, so those extra roof screws are going in soon.

The few times I've driven with ice and snow filling the gap I could have sworn there was less down force. I will need to foil tape the gap in the spring and do some real testing. Right now I'm pretty happy where I'm at on this project.

I just hope my vinyl bed cover survives the winter, this is the first winter I'm leaving it on.

EDIT: One inch of snow, sitting overnight and all day in dry air, driven at 45 mph for 1-2 miles to the gas station. There was quite the dust devil of swirling going on as I looked in my rear view mirror. Here is the resulting pattern it left.

S10 4x4 Pick Up pictures by kach22i - Photobucket

To my eyes; the vortex of air coming off the cab corners is intact and healthy. The mysterious middle scoop of missing snow, and small drift against the glass might be the trapped vortex of rotating air I've shown in an earlier diagram.

I should note that the snow was only brushed off the front windshield and hood, the roof snow and tonneau cover snow was left virgin prior to driving off.

EDIT 12/10/11
S10 4x4 Pick Up pictures by kach22i - Photobucket
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