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dcb, that is a very interesting question that I don't exactly know the answer to. I am only 20 so I haven't exactly looked into taxes and such very much. I can, however, tell you that there is prob not much value in the land there anyway. I can almost guarentee nobody lives there and it is most likely not farmed as well. Notice if you look just northwest and southeast of Lawrenceville you will see the Embrass River is relatively strait. This is where a new channel has been cut and the other small curved parts of the river that are cut off are known as "dead rivers." I know the land between the dead rivers and the new river is basically worthless. This is where my assumption about the pockets you speak of comes from. I have not personally went and looked at any of them, but I would assume they are similar to the spaces between the dead rivers and the Embrass. Notice that the pocket you linked to by Greyville is acutally surrounded by a "dead river." It is interesting that there are roads their tho. I might look into it some more.

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