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Frank: They say that opposites attract. But these days we see few relationships like that endure.

If I am a late riser in the morning, I think I'd prefer to be attached to a likewised woman.

I've noticed that running sprinters tend to date other sprinters.

I've seen sports figures (even if a very different sport) relationships that seem to last just fine.

Actors/Actresses: not so much because they are trained not to be themselves anyway!

I wasn't dissin' on men's qualities at all. When we focus on one item at a time, rarely can anyone break us down!

Let's say you are driving on an icy road with a close female companion. Some rookie tags a car in front of you, sending 4 cars in front of you all spinning. You determine how they are sliding, which one will come the closest to you; you prepare to downshift if needed, and instantly plan an escape path for yourself, before that car on your right due to the banking angle, will slide back down into you.
You come through unscatched, rightfully feeling YOU ARE THE MAN!!!

Wouldn't it be cool if your female rider could appreciate, and have a concept of what you just did, instead of some Bimbo that expresses anger because you made her dizzy?

There is no threat to your manhood. To a lesser extent, fuel savings, and smooth driving SHOULD be appreciated by all!!!

Iron sharpens iron! Wouldn't that be a manly challenge to take on?

One more P.S. for the ladies.: when you drive just right to avoid redlights, and sudden braking, the smooth FLOW makes you look better.

Think of it as graceful dancing.

If you are jerky in traffic, you look like a model going down the fashion show runway with a burlap sack on for a fashion statement.

That is EXACTLY how men see too many women drive like.

Yes; there are more than plenty men who stab the gas and steer like an out of control monkey.

We don't want anybody out there to stay ignorant, and show themselves to be driving ugly!!!
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