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Phase III...............winglets/fins on rear


The Porsche 917 is a beautiful car, even better in coupe trim. In 1971 Porsche commissioned an Aerodynamics company, SERA to analysis the 917 and develop a more efficient car. The organisation discovered that by making the car wider, the wheels would be inboard and be create less turbulent air. The car made its debut at a test in plain white. The bulging bodywork with the inset wheels reminded journalists of a Pig with its relatively small feet and thus, the idea of the Pink Pig was born.
One possible application; Scheme 4-Corner Winglets
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At the risk of sending my own thread into the "Off Topic" zone, I post this.

Saab: phoenix at geneva motor show 2011
saab: phoenix at geneva motor show 2011
Based on a highly aerodynamic, 'aeromotional' design that highlights the aviation roots of the company,
the car features a low front and cabin, which flows into a hood and tapered rear deck.
side and roof-mounted winglets, modeled after the flying buttresses of architectural planning,
channel airflow from the sides of the vehicle across the rear deck to reduce lift.

These winglets or what every they are, seem to form a second skin which controls vortex formation.

Perhaps a hollow cylinder, half cylinder or hoop which is aerofoil in section and set at the locations I've already indicated would work at controlling vortexes.

EDIT 12/13/11
Something like this on the back of a pick-up truck cab would be clean and simple.

EDIT again 12/13/11..............more fins on a car.

EDIT .....................wild thing.

EDIT.....this may actually work - who would have thunk?

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