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Kach22i. when I look at the snow pattern on your tonneau it seems intuitive. Snow deposited behind the cab could be explained by a pair of mirror symmetric separation bubbles. Think about boundary conditions and flow balance as a visual. Flow wants to converge convexly over the bed. Given the rear wing likely reattachment there. In between lies a typical open bed bubble but shallower due to the raised bottom with the tonneau and, moreover, cleaved down the middle by forward flow. The forward stream could drop its load up against the back of the cab in the sharp turns and reduced velocity. (This same principle is used in wood working in the form of a chip separator can before the dust collector bag on table saw exhaust port for example.) The assymetry left to right could be explained by a bit of cross wind effect. I'm skeptical about much roof corner vortex because that edge is radiused a couple inches, but experimenting will tell for sure. Either way I look forward to more. Nice contribution. Rock on!
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