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Originally Posted by 8307c4 View Post
I like the way you think, stealth econ, less raised eyebrows.
I actually meant to other people that drive my car, sorry for the confusion. I'd be happy to advertise to other traffic what my MPG is. I even intend to put stickers on my rear wheel skirts showing the improvement in mileage they are responsible for.

As for the switch (back to the topic), I played around a bit with the steering column, and am pretty sure I can splice the relay inline with the main ignition wire, so as far as the engine is concerned it would be just like turning the key off, but the rest of the dash (gauges, lights, etc.) wouldn't be affected at all. I'll have to review the schematics a bit more to know for sure, then take a trip to the electronics store.

*Time period is from 1 January 2006 - 1 March 2007*
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