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Wiring Circuit for the open revolt controller

I know that everyone wires their vehicle differently but I have become a bit confused with all the info out there. I want to give some specifics about my installation and see if anyone can help with a proper circuit. I have a 144 volt lead acid battery pack, a PB6 throttle w/microswitch, a 500 amp tyco contactor, a 300 amp fuse, and have purchased a 30 amp 12 volt DC interlock relay. I would like to utilize the optional timed 12 V output from my controller if possible. I have read a lot about the Key switch interlock and have seen some circuits but they were wired for the curtis controller and I am not familiar enough with ii to know if the KSI works the same as the open revolt controller. I would also like to incorporate some sort of emergency cut off switch in this circuit. If anyone can give me a hand it will be greatly appreciated. If I have left out any necessary components please let me know as this is my first EV but I hope one of many. I am listing my email address and my cell if you would rather contact me in either of those ways.

Thanks in Advance.
BIll in Arkansas

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