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another new guy

I'm 41, with wife and 2 yr old...ex SCCA road racer with a 89 suzuki swift gti has now turned into a fuel miser
I've always had a lead foot "drive it like you stole it " style of commuting, but have recently become very interested in hypermiling

I drive/own a 2009 honda civic si, 1997 toyota 4runner, 1991 honda crx, and a 1993 honda civic dx.
I have koni/ground control coilovers on the 93 civic, but other than that all my vehicles are bone stock.

I'm changing my habits first.

The wife called me yesterday to tell me she gassed up the crx and found it had got 40mpg's. We share the crx, and I had been conserving (not doing 80 on the freeway )...but she drives like i used to, so i know we can easily see 45 to 50 mpg's with no aero mod's

I've already pulled the roof rack and front brush bumper off the 4runner and enjoyed a nice bump in mpg's

my friends are wondering if I'm okay, lol...but i am thoroughly hooked and cant wait to do some aero stuff on the fleet

Dont know if anyone reads these intro's, but I read on here that they like for you to do this before posting, so here I am

1991 honda crx dx
1993 honda civic hatch
1997 toyota 4runner
2006 honda civic si
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