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Originally Posted by 99metro View Post
I can get roughly 10-20% from drafting. Over 55 mph the benefits decrease. In my little car, I can feel the difference like night and day. I get back a little too far and I have to stay squarely behind him to stay in the draft. A little to the left or right can throw me back out of the envelope. I get way too far behind and I can feel the buffeting which tells me I am out of the envelope, plus the scangauge confirms this. After 65 mph, I give up and fall back to my grandpa driving. This is just my informal findings.
wow, well 10-20% is a lot.
Damn, I need to bite the bullet and buy a scangauge...with xmas time here, we have been spending and spending and spending, lol

I hate to sound like I'm beating a dead horse...but WHY do you think over 55 there is a decrease in benefit? If find most of the semi's in my area are doing 65 or so....
And how far, that you have found personally, is usually too far away? A full truck length? Less or more?

I will get a scangauge soon, and try and do some testing and report what I find.

I'm just so intrigued as I thought I would never draft again until I found that you can do it from so far away. To me, this is a safe enough distance...100ft that is...
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