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Originally Posted by ChazInMT View Post
I hate to be a wet rag on your fire here, but keep in mind that these winglets you are discussing are all fine tuning enhancements on vehicles which are very aerodynamic to begin with. They effect only a small amount of airflow around the vehicles.
I can appreciate your point, it is a good one. I must have my fun trying the weird and implausible before surrendering to the tried and true.

From a post/thread back in 2004 talking about "LEX Fences" and such.

Question for the Aero Experts - Page 2 - Pelican Parts Technical BBS

I did some highway driving today, the thought of attaching 24" long x 6" dia. PVC tubes at the edge corners on the roof and at the tail of the bed top came to me. The idea would be to tunnel/tube shoot some ram air where vortexes would normally start to form. Not my best idea, but I go though a lot of them. Then one day the urge to build slams me and I do something nutty and rather spontaneous.

Stay tunned.

The tube idea really started as a pod idea, sort of F-104 and Caddy Tail Light.

EDIT 12/16/11
I found a patent somewhat similar to the trail edge/corner thing I've been thinking about. Again, a wing, and not a box (truck cab).

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