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Even my neon, back in 1995, 136hp or 150hp, fun to drive, looks kinda cute. What did a 95 corolla/civic/sentra/protege clone look and drive like, looked slow and boring and was slow and boring. Great concept but lack of quality killed another good idea...
Yes, and what happened to your Neon? How many Neons do you see on the road now despite the swarms that were rolling around in the 90's and early 00's? I could go entire days without seeing/smelling one now. Compare that with all the mid-90's Civic, Corollas, Cavaliers, Sentras, and Sunfires that are still on the road and don't burn oil. What good is 136 horsepower when your car is on blocks all the time? I might only have 115 horsepower, but it's worth never having to check my oil level. When I hit 125K, 4 quarts will be in the pan. On the bright side, if you burn a quart a week, you never really have to do an "oil change".
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