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The alignment made a massive difference in how the car drives!
I had it set up in April to be as free as possible.
When the techs checked it it had developed toe out on all four wheels, but the left rear was the most at .062".

Now it has .01 toe in on all four and it is amazing.
The tires now feel as if they are lower by 10 psi, and they are at my usual settings.
The car feels much more plush, accepts bumps much better, tracks better and drives nice and straight. It does not bump steer, does not follow crowns and does not follow grooves. It used to do all those things.

Good thing is it still coasts like before but all driving characteristics are much improved.

Made the wheel covers and mounted them up but had to remove them and apply some rubber strips to keep them from 'ticking' as they were on the first short drive.

Skirts will be finished tomorrow.
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