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Originally Posted by Cd View Post
I tried drafting semis a few times. I had a real eye opener when the truck in front of me ran over a cardboard box.
I didn't see it until it was right in front of my car.

WHAM !!!

I was following at the point that his mirrors were just barely visible at the time.

BTW, He didn't like me there at all. He kept swerving and slowing down.

Not worth my life to save a few pennies ( or even $5 ) in gas !
some of them really dont like people drafting them, if I get behind one like that, I dont stay there and will go around him.
but some dont mind it at all, that is who hope for

@WDB, trust me when I say 85% of cars on the road cannot stop anywhere near as short as a motorcycle can with an experienced rider.
when you get into some of your higher end cars luxury cars, they can stop pretty darn good. yet still I dont think quite as quickly as an experienced rider can. of course, my experience on a bike is mostly of the performance variety (crotch rockets) that are much lighter than you avg harley/goldwing

when my son/family is with me, I tend to follow the 2-3 second rule, but when Im alone I push it and will follow where I need to be to hit that pocket.

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