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I generally keep 3 stripes between myself and a big rig. That's at least 129 feet of separation and closer to 140 feet. West of my home the speed limit is 70 MPH and if you want to go that speed then you better just drop in behind a drafting leader and that also has the benefit of convincing other drivers to just pass you in the left lane. In fact they will try to block you from passing the truck, which means they mover over earlier rather than climb up your rear end. I have found that this gives me the same mileage at 70 as 55 without a windbreaker ahead of me. It also allows for pulling over to the right if there is some debris in the road. If the trucker gives me any indication he does not like what I am doing then I back off or pass.

Traffic around here is usually heavy and the trade off is much greater attention to what might come under the truck, versus the constant aggressive tailgating passing on the right and general stupidity that seems to be the norm around here. The tandem (dual trailer) rigs also have a reinforcement extends down low where the trailers hitch together. Another good alternative is a bus or motor home.

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