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Originally Posted by d0sitmatr View Post
ive always drafted larger vehicles, mostly semi's, and not at recommended distances either, as matt stated, if you cant stop faster than a fully loaded, or even an empty, tractor trailer, then there is something wrong with you or your car.
Dunno about the US semis, but European rigs stop in a surprisingly short distance for their size and weight.

I've put up a link to a video between a semi and a VW Transporter van before - the truck stops as fast as the van.
More load on the rig is better, BTW !

as a long time motorcycle enthusiast, its also why you >NEVER< tailgate a bike, because they have about 1/2 the stop distance of you in most situations.
That's a myth.

A mediocre family car (Toyota Avensis) will stop shorter than a sportsbike (Honda CBR900) or SportsTourer (R1150RS + ABS).
The myth has been tested by a local bike magazine years ago, and proven to be untrue.
To the surprise of quite a few bikers.
Add wet roads, lock-up fever, and it gets even worse for the average biker.

The tests weren't done using average riders, but by Belgian bike racing champions instead - Louis Wuyts won the Belgian title 16 times, I'd say he knows how to ride a bike.

In Dutch, but you can see the tables with the results :
droog = dry
nat = wet
beton = concrete

Distances in meter and speeds in km/uur (km/h)
GasDwarf's fuel consumption :
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