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Originally Posted by euromodder View Post
The effect is there all right.
Obviously, the closer you get the more significant the effect becomes.

You can try it by closing in on one, and see the instant fuel economy improve as you close the gap.

Trucks are limited to 90 kph / 56mph over here (some even down to 85 kph voluntarily by the hauling company), so most cars are faster.
I sometimes hitch on to a semi at a fair distance (so the driver doesn't get annoyed) and stay there.
On occasion, the instant fuel economy readout was over 100mpg @ 52 mph !

Definitely not at the 50' mark.
100' is more like it.

But I too get a lot closer on occasions.

I used to road race bikes with the CCS here in florida and agree that braking distance isnt any better than a car...

I also stay at a fair distance, as I've had the semi drivers get annoyed at me. If I stay a full semi truck length back, they dont seem to care.
I'm going to research and see if anyone has done any tests at different distances, speeds, etc.
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