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Originally Posted by Daox View Post
Welcome to the forums.

I take it pretty easy in my Prius, no radical driving techniques. Thankfuly the car does most of the work for you. For speeds over 40 mph I just set the cruise at the speed limit and let the car do most of the work. Under 40 mph I definitely use pulse and glide. You can pretty easily see 70+ mpg in city segments doing this.

For winter I'd highly recommend a block heater. The sooner the engine is up to temp the more efficient it runs and also the sooner it'll turn itself off. I usually run my heater for 1-2 hrs before I leave in the morning. It also gives you heat faster.
Thanks. Interesting on the cruise technique. I'd sortof skipped right over that for more "advanced" forms of penny pinching.

A block heater is definetely on the list (as well as a front underbody panel or maybe a lower front splitter/spoiler using the garden border stuff). Annoyingly, I'm only at my house on weekends, meaning most of my starts are from a dead cold start out in the open.
2001 Prius - 170,000 KM - just got it (no consistent FE numbers yet)
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