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My problem now is that I can't keep it in 2nd gear. I have a PRN[OD]DL shifter and L (low) holds it in first until it either redlines or vehicle speed reaches about 22 MPH. When you let it sink below 22 MPH in L it slams (like *WHAM*) down into first. Not a good thing with TC locked. I've only done that once so far, looked in rear view mirror for gears and tranny fluid.

I can also tell now by the *feel* of it where it used to lock up before. Always in 1st (not sure if it's only when the shifter is in L), and whenever decelerating after a few seconds in any gear. And of course above about 47 MPH in 3rd or 4th. It won't engage in first from a stop but appears to seamlessly engage after a few MPH. It will however stay engaged when coming to a stop, I have almost stalled it braking while it was still in 3rd at 15 MPH.

So far, my best strategy for around town accelerating (35 MPH or less) has been to keep it unlocked and in D (not OD) until it shifts to 2nd, then flip the switch around 20 MPH and give it more gas to keep it from shifting to 3rd right away, then let off the gas and let it upshift and keep the throttle low right away to keep from slipping the clutch.

I have to say that I absolutely LOVE the fact that it stays locked on the highway now. I use so little pedal to hold 55 that rolling over the slightest hill or getting a slight tailwind gust resulted in the TC unlocking before. The only thing I'm concerned about is damaging the engine from too high of a load at low RPM. I can easily accelerate from 35 in 4th at 1000 RPM at 26-27 in. MAP (LOD doesn't work right on my car). The engine doesn't seem very happy about it, but it doesn't really shake or vibrate terribly.

How is everyone else doing with this mod? Any driving tips?

Originally Posted by ngrimm
I'm now wondering about adding a manual fuel cut for coasting and pulse and glide.
I have though about this too. Maybe just a switch to shut off the fuel pump. However, I don't really see it being practical because I'd still have to use the starter to restart the ICE. EOC is somewhat impractical with auto trannys.
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