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Originally Posted by wdb View Post
You roof rack haters will love the "roof rack" on my wife's CRV. It's built into the roof itself. Nothing whatsoever sticks up unless you attach crossbars.

As to Subaru's claim of 1MPG improvement, I'm going to go with the 'rounding up' explanation. Subaru in my experience does not publish BS. Fluff maybe, BS not so much.
When I went to the car show they told me that the latest generation of Subies were heavily influenced by aerodynamics for MPG gains. You can see it where the end of the car meets the bumper, aka the sharp edge that's in the latest-gen Prius and Volt. They told me you could get "up to" 27/36 MPG for the Impreza, which I thought was pretty good for AWD. The "up to" requires the CVT tranny, but I think a manual could do better.


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