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If you're looking for a nice little engine... this one is great:

Oops, I'm apparently not allowed to post links, but a Google search for "13hp honda water cooled engine" returns a pic as the first result.

Got one in a (dead) lawnmower. It's dead because Honda can't make a mower deck for crap, but that engine is pure gold. Guy selling there in the first Google result says "125lbs" but I can't hardly believe that, especially since he hasn't even removed it.

Anyhow, 13hp, will crank along all day at 80-90% throttle, water jacketed so it's quiet (relatively ;-) and without the hot heads and valve maintenance inherent in an air-cooled engine, even has a spin on oil filter and of course electric start. LOVE this engine... might be a good fit? Still trying to come up with something fun to use mine in.

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