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Originally Posted by samwichse View Post
If you're looking for a nice little engine... this one is great:

Oops, I'm apparently not allowed to post links, but a Google search for "13hp honda water cooled engine" returns a pic as the first result.
Yes, that would be about ideal. However, I think they are no longer in production, and even on the first four cars, I want to use the same engine that I'll use in scaled-up production -- so it needs to be current production.

Your points re water cooling are all good ones, but I plan to go with air cooling nevertheless, because I'm stubborn. Er, no that's not it. Actually it has to do with simplicity and cost. With an air-cooled engine, if the engine is turning, the cooling is working. Pumps, antifreeze, radiator, radiator blower, hoses, etc all become unnecessary. Hydraulic lifters deal with the valve clearance issues, and fuel injection can deal with emission issues that can occur with variable engine temperatures -- at least for the motorcycle market. (In the car world, it would be hard to meet current emissions standards with an air-cooled engine.)

But the twin cylinders would be really nice... and the quiet of water cooling...

Pretty amazing tractor. By coincidence, today I noticed a Honda lawn tractor for sale, and stopped to look, thinking it could be one of the water-cooled ones. It was about the same vintage, but bigger deck and four wheel drive and four wheel steering -- quite a machine. Air cooled, though.

But in any case thanks... great suggestion... very nice engine.

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