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Originally Posted by Ken Fry View Post
Good points. The cabin is small, and I plan to use about 750 watts, and insulate pretty well. That's equal to one HP -- and you're right, that is a large percentage of the HP used at low speeds.

Thanks, Ken
I was just going to say insulate (composite construction?) and with a low internal volume your body heat will do most of the work. Just have to defrost the windscreen and ventilate out the moisture (moist breath).

EDIT: FYI; A cool vintage Fiat page.

Originally Posted by Ken Fry View Post
In a simple system, blowing past the batteries and into the cabin would be unwise (due to the safety issues from gases venting from batteries).
That is where my mind first went when I read that suggestion. There might be a way to jacket it, but I would never trust it.
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