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Originally Posted by Daverods
i love the look of your lower airdam block! The fact that you adjust it for the seasons is awesome haha!
Thank you Daverods! In summer, if the hole is to much grilled, radiator fan starts all 10 min, so we decided to put less grille, but when winter arrived, the engine temp was lower, so we decided to put more grille, and ICE temp is still alright running ~88C. (Fan start at ~95C).

Originally Posted by Daverods
I think if you could invent something to go over top of the upper grill on the outside it may be more aerodynamic in comparison to blocking the grill from behind.
The upper grille block is pretty simple, we cutted a coroplast in a surf board form, then, we zip tied it to the original grille. but the coroplast sheet is zip tied from the exterior, not from interior, of the bumper. FYI

Originally Posted by MetroMPG
This is a great thread.

One of the additional effects of your wiper deflector is it covers the fresh air intake at the cowl.

Restricting flow into the intake there may be similar to the concept of a grille block: better to send air around the car than through it, unless you need the air.
Thank you MetroMPG, some of our inspiration comes out of your great mods, some of basjoos ideas and many others. the echo is being modded pretty well now that we are hypermilers, echo-francis and I.

And for the whiper deflector, the air blocked by the mod is not really cooling the engine, only taking the air under the car, and that's not good. We prefer to have it blocked, so the wipers and the grille are out of the flow.

Another thing, neither Me or francis have 250+ post on EM, so we cannot add this thread to the project library, if you could add it, it would be nice.

Trollinsight Modding Thread

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