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For the Volvo I am thinking of making an ultra-simple bad boy charger at first. I did some brainstorming today. Here is my idea:

Go with 108V pack voltage, 9 batteries. Run 120VAC through a 1500W dimmer switch ($60.00), a bridge rectifier ($2.00) and a 15A ammeter ($10.00). Current will have to be limited with the dimmer at the beginning of the charge, but once the batteries are charged, it should end up being close to perfect voltage that no control will be required. 120V/9 batteries = 13.33V

If this works, would it also work on a 72V or 96V pack? Just rely on the dimmer to control output? As far as I know, dimmer switches provide PWM voltage. No doubt they would generate a bunch of heat, so I would mount them in a box with a cooling fan.

Has anyone successfully tried this simple approach without accidentally murdering themselves?
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