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Originally Posted by E4ODnut View Post
I don't know what changes you've made to your engine but if you have raised the compression and still have a functioning knock sensor with the stock ECU, it may be pulling back the timing before you can hear it, even though you are running premium.
I meant higher cylinder pressure, not compression ratio, oops . I haven't made any modifications to the internal engine, it still runs 9.5:1 compression from the factory. I have the Knock Retard gauge in SG which tells me how many degrees that timing is being retarded due to knock, which is independent from the IGN gauge. It stays at 0 for the most part when running premium. I never have to use more than 40% throttle (according to the TPS) to achieve 29" MAP (which I consider "full load" for lack of a better means of determining engine loading). The engine has fully electronic ignition, no distributor. So I really can't do anything about it without making some serious mods.

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It gets a bit complicated.
I like complicated.
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