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I work at a junk-yard and we get one of these saturn wagons in every once in a while but most of the time they are auto, on the other hand with the sedan version we always have at least 5 or so of them in stick... they tend to get junked when a repair is needed in excess of $400 or so and because of that most are actually in pretty good shape... needless to say ill probably be keeping and DD this car for a long time, I might even start building up a parts collection next time we get an sw2 in at the jy.

Yea, the l300 is a nice vehicle, but my dad will definatly be taking a hit on the economy... v6 auto lol but it is a realized cost
Ooooooh, you should join and try to sell S-Series parts. I warn you, though, we're a stingy bunch!


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