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ElCon Charger

Part of doing the upgrade to 64v in the Citicar was to source a new charger. I found that the ElCon PFC2500 can be programmed for 64v nominal, and is capable of using both 120v and 240v as input without making any changes - just plug it on to the different voltage.

At 120v, the PFC2500 is a 1.5kW charger; at 240v it is a 2.5kW charger. Either way, it is a little more powerful than the old Lester ferro resonant 1.4kW charger, and much faster when using 240v.

The main reason I wanted to use a multi-input voltage charger is to allow me to eventually use J1772 charging stations, and also to recharge at all the places I normally do that have 120v plugs.

Not as cheap as the open source charger at around $700 (tax, shipping, etc.), but still a good deal.

Next step is to get the parts to install the J1772 inlet.

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