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This is the second or third most efficient car ever built. Think about that...

And it is certainly the quickest and roomiest of this elite class. The other cars that are at the top of the list: the Edison2 VLC (which has lower aero drag at Cd of 0.161, but lags on drivetrain efficiency a bit), the early Aptera prototype, and the VW L1 prototype.

Other cars that are close to this efficiency are the Illuminati Motor Works 7, the GM EV1, Dave Cloud's Dolphin, and the FVT eVaro. The DBM Energy Kolibri powered A2 is a laggard compared to these...

All of these are low aero drag (the Illuminati 7 is the highest drag, I think?), and only the VW and the Edison2 are low weight. The SIM-LEI is quickest, the eVaro is next, and the 7 is also quick, followed by the EV1. The VLCe and Dolphin are DC drive, so they could be improved with AC drive. The Dolphin is super low drag, but with 1,980 pounds of batteries, it could lose 1,000 pounds and the battery pack could be ~2X greater capacity, and with AC drive it could have 400-500 miles of range.

The VLCe has the shortest range, followed by the EV1. The Dolphin, SIM-LEI, and 7 are all very close with 200+ range. And obviously the L1 and the eVaro have range because of their gen sets.

Who will be the first to have a 400 mile electric car? (At 55-60mph) The DBM Kolibri A2 could well be capable of this. With a 99kWh pack [/lust] it sure as heck *should* be! Drop that pack into the VLCe or the Dolphin or the SIM-LEI and I think they could hit 500-800 miles!
Sincerely, Neil
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