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EV parts collecting has officially begun

We'll call this thread the interim thread before the actual build on a vehicle I may not even own yet - sort of a continuation of my thread.

The reason for a new thread is I'm going to convert something to electric, just not necessarily my old Volvo. But I have officially started my EV parts collection. I am up to 7 free batteries, highlighted at the end of the thread linked above.

Today I changed my mind from converting a car to converting a motorcycle. Obviously my mind isn't made up (and it will more than likely change back and forth a million times before I actually go through with it), so I will continue scrounging for free battery cores at work that withstand my deadly carbon pile load tests.


-Find a sport bike with a blown engine for almost nothing
-60V/72V pack of free floodies
-Alltrax 7234/Mars ME0709 combination
-Parallel charge the pack with 12V off-board charger

That last one is interesting. I will use my 40/10/2A regular old charger at home, and the one at work when I am there. Today I came up with a cool way to do it without spending lots of money on a ton of contactors and relays/switches. I'll get to that later...if I actually go the motorcycle route, that is.

Question #1: how much current can a 4/0 anderson connecter handle continuous and peak?

Question #2: A cheap motor solution for car conversions is the forklift motor route. Do the same rules apply with motorcycles but with smaller motors, or do people rarely use cheap forklift motors in motorcycles? I guess at $485 for a new ME0709, it may be hardly worth the trouble scrounging for a motor.

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